Products and Capabilities

At T&D Our products are used internationally by a very diverse group of clients interested in mission completion, no matter what the cost. We offer products that are tailor-made to create unique solutions to your needs. Being an OEM comes with the value-add that we have no extra distribution costs added, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, we begin with the powder, and forge our metals into finished products, all in house!

We are an ITAR Compliant Manufacturer of Tungsten, Tantalum, and Molybdenum.

We are an ITAR Compliant Manufacturer of Tungsten, Tantalum, and Molybdenum.

We are an ITAR compliant manufacturer, which allows to accommodate all markets, and we are committed to conflict-free materials. It is our responsibility to ensure that our materials originate from responsible nations that adhere to strict regulations on material management.

The various products that we offer are featured in various shapes and sizes, according to our clients specifications, here are some examples:

  • Penetrators
  • Balls and Cubes for Ordnance
  • Guide Rods
  • Buffer Weights
  • Pellets for Pre-Fragmented Ammunition.
  • Blast Rings
  • Tungsten Gyroscopic Rings.
  • Custom rods, bars, wire, and plates.
  • Tungsten Hunting Shot.
  • Tungsten Missile Weighting Systems

We offer these products to a variety of approved nations around the globe. Dealing internationally to help peacekeepers solve conflicts all over the world! Our factory does over 80 million USD in sales each year serving the Defense industry, why not choose a proven, time-tested source that provides operators all over the globe with the tools needed to succeed?

For a full listing of the equipment we use in our state-of-the-art manufacturing center, and for more information about our products and capabilities, or to have your specifications quoted, please contact me today!

Zachary Cooper

Project Manager

Aerospace and Defense

T&D Materials Manufacturing

O: 484-479-3158

M: 484-477-3139


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